• Civil Engineering


    FCE provides comprehensive civil engineering services including initial site analysis, planning, engineering design, and construction administration. FCE applies sustainable design principles to all of our civil engineering projects taking an integrated approach to reduce site disturbances to protect sensitive ecological resources to the maximum extent practical while achieving the project development potential.

    Civil Engineering Services:

    • Low impact development (LID) site planning, design and construction
    • LEED and living building design
    • Site planning and master planning
    • Grading analysis and plans
    • Storm water and drainage studies and plans
    • Erosion control planning and design
    • Circulation planning and design
    • Bridge design
    • Multi-use trail design
    • Utility planning and design
    • Park planning and design
    • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs)
    • Materials, specifications and site details
    • Site demolition planning
    • Project cost estimation
    • Construction supervision and administration
  • Low Impact Development (LID) and Green Infrastructure


    FCE is a leading firm in LID design and analysis. Our approach to land development is to work with the natural site and manage storm water and urban runoff close to the source and to restore or mimic the natural hydrology of a site. FCE employs sustainable green infrastructure designs that use natural processes to treat storm water and to infiltrate, evapo-transpirate, or reuse the stormwater. FCE’s designs incorporate landscaped based, vegetated systems and permeable paving where appropriate.

    LID and Green Infrastructure Services:

    • LID opportunity and constraints GIS mapping and analysis
    • LID and green infrastructure design:
      • Green streets and parking lots
      • Bioretention swales and rain gardens
      • Stormwater wetlands
      • Grass-lined swales and vegetated buffers
      • Permeable pavements/pavers
      • Rainwater harvesting and reuse
      • Groundwater recharge
    • LID manuals and design guidelines
    • Technical training and assistance
    • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs)
  • Wastewater Treatment and Water Reclamation


    FCE provides state-of-the-art wastewater and water reclamation engineering solutions for small communities, resorts, conference centers, schools, commercial properties, wineries, and other industrial facilities. We design both custom and pre-engineered treatment systems that are selected based on clients' needs, site specific conditions, financial considerations, regulatory requirements, and environmental goals.

    As a leader in decentralized water management, our designs emphasize the selection of appropriate technology that is low-cost, energy efficient, reliable, and easy to operate. FCE promotes the use of ecologically based, biological and natural treatment systems to treat and reuse wastewater, including ponds and constructed wetlands.

    Wastewater Treatment and Water Reclamation Services:

    • Feasibility and master planning studies
    • Net zero water projects (living building challenge)
    • Wastewater treatment and reuse/recycling
      • Anaerobic digesters (baffled reactors, up-flow anaerobic digestors)
      • Fixed film biofilters (trickling filter and textile filters)
      • Advanced integrated ponds
      • Construction wetlands (free surface and subsurface wetlands)
      • Advanced filtration with sand filters, membranes and disk filters
      • Disinfection systems (UV and ozone)
    • Sanitary sewer designs:
      • Gravity sewers
      • Septic Tank Effluent Pump (STEP) sewers
      • Small bore sewers
      • Lift station designs
    • Winery process water treatment and reuse
    • Subsurface drip dispersal and pressure dosed leachfield designs
    • Controls and instrumentation
    • Telemetry and Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system design
    • Greywater treatment and reuse
    • Regulatory compliance and permitting
    • Facility master planning and analysis
    • Project management and construction administrative services
    • Economic analysis and rate studies
    • Operation and Maintenance Plans
  • Water Supply, Treatment, Storage and Distribution


    FCE provides comprehensive water engineering services to provide safe drinking water, reliable fire protection, and irrigation supply for residents and water company users. We optimize water system designs for the specified use and work closely with private and public clients throughout California and internationally to develop cost effective and reliable water treatment systems. FCE’s water engineering expertise includes all facets of water infrastructure including source development, water treatment, storage, and distribution systems. We have years of experience working with water system operators that has improved our designs and reduced our clients’ O&M costs.

    Water services include:

    • Water treatment process design
      • Surface water treatment
        • Microfiltration
        • Slow sand filtration
        • Direct filtration
        • Bag filtration
      • Groundwater treatment
        • Iron and manganese removal
        • Arsenic removal
        • Hydrogen sulfide removal
    • Water reservoir and storage tanks
    • Source development (wells, surface water, and springs)
    • Watershed sanitary surveys and wellhead protection studies
    • Water conveyance and distribution system design and analysis
    • Well and booster pump design
    • Fire water supply and fire pump design
    • TTHM and HAA reduction studies and projects
    • Source flow capacity and water quality assessment studies
    • Controls and instrumentation
    • Telemetry and Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system design
    • Regulatory compliance and permitting
    • Project management and construction administrative services
    • Economic analysis and rate studies
    • Rainwater harvesting
    • Facility master planning and analysis
    • Disinfection systems (Chlorine, UV, and Ozone)
    • Operation and Maintenance Plans
  • Ecological and Water Resources Engineering


    FCE provides comprehensive ecological restoration design services that integrate ecology with engineering. Our designs protect and regenerate at-risk ecosystems, restore degraded (impacted) ecosystems, or create new ecological systems that enhance the environmental conditions of a public space, private development, and adjacent natural lands. We take an adaptive management design approach that considers the regenerative and complex factors that lead to successful habitat restoration.

    FCE provides comprehensive water resource and hydrologic engineering and science services to public and private clients by utilizing state-of-the-art field engineering, analytical methods, and computer modeling techniques.

    Ecological Engineering and Water Resource Services:

    • Pond, lake, wetlands, river and stream restoration planning, design and construction administration
    • Watershed assessments
    • Fish passage analysis and design
    • Creek diversion and fish screening analysis and design
    • Stormwater and flood control studies and design (FEMA studies)
    • Hydrologic and hydraulic modeling
    • Stream gauge installation and data analysis
    • Erosion control
    • Water resource planning studies
    • GIS mapping studies and data base analysis
    • Hydrogeologic studies
    • Water balance studies
    • Water demand forecasting for the facility water supply and irrigation projects
    • In-situ monitoring
    • Comprehensive construction management services
    • Application of engineering analysis models: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers HEC computer systems, Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), regional and local accepted methods, GIS and other tools
  • Land Analysis and Constraints Mapping


    FCE provides comprehensive geographic information system (GIS) database and Civil3D site resource mapping capabilities to analyze complex sites, water resource and environmental constraint issues. We access readily available GIS data to generate client cost savings during the early planning phases of a project; creating mapping products that clearly convey early concept designs that account for critical site constraints such as endangered species and protected natural habitats.

    Resource mapping services include:

    • GIS-based land-use suitability
    • Quantitative analysis of water resource and water quality conditions
    • Opportunity and constraints analysis for low impact development (LID), landuse, water resources, water quality, and other environmental risk factors
    • Slope and topography analysis and mapping
    • Soils analysis
    • Hydrological and floodplain analysis
    • Multi-criteria and multi-objective decision making allocation studies using GIS
    • Design and analysis of thematic maps for environmental and water resource related areas
    • Regional mapping studies
    • Examples:
      • Groundwater basins and recharge areas
      • Proper functioning condition assessments of rivers and streams
      • Watershed assessments
  • International Development and Consulting


    FCE works throughout the developing world to provide sustainable engineering solutions in complex eco-regions and geo-political settings. For over 20 years, we have provided safe water, improved sanitation, and appropriate technology to alleviate poverty and improve environmental conditions and public health around the world.

    FCE promotes sustainable operation and maintenance guidelines and strategies for local, provincial and national governments in the proper design, construction, operation and maintenance of water treatment and wastewater facilities in developing countries.

    Many developing countries are striving for economic development dollars through land development and eco-tourism. FCE provides cutting edge, low impact development (LID) strategies to support sustainable, economically viable, and responsible development projects that do not impact water quality and protect or restore sensitive ecological habitats.

    FCE’s International Development and Consulting Services:

    • Evaluation and feasibility studies for water, wastewater, stormwater/drainage infrastructure rehabilitation and development, and LID projects
    • Engineering, design and construction supervision of water, wastewater, water recycling, stormwater, LID and ecological restoration projects
    • Capacity building, training and technical assistance to local, regional, provincial and national environmental agencies
    • Operation training and O&M manual development
    • Preparing standards for design, construction, operation and maintenance for water, wastewater, stormwater/drainage, site selection and analysis, and LID projects
    • Compliance and permitting with local agencies
    • Robust sector monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems to provide reliable information to support decision-making and investment strategies
    • Completion of technical and engineering studies including:
      • Water resource planning
      • River and wetland restoration projects
      • Groundwater and hydrogeologic investigations
      • Feasibility and economic studies for water and sanitation projects
      • Water quality assessment studies
      • Hydrologic and floodway analysis
      • Facilities planning
      • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)